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Feb 22, 2020

The research paper Human Brain/Cloud Interface has been published by our Amara D. Angelica, Frank J. Boehm, Krishnan Chakravarthy, Robert A. Freitas Jr., Steven A. Garan, Tad Hogg, Mikhail A. Lebedev, Nuno R. B. Martins, Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld, Yuriy Svidinenko, and Melanie Swan.
This paper describes how neuralnanorobotics may enable a B/CI with controlled connectivity between neural activity and external data storage and processing, via the direct monitoring of the brain’s ~86 × 109 neurons and ~2 × 1014 synapses.
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Jan 30, 2020

Enjoy the free educational program Ice and Stone 2020.
This program covers the so-called “small bodies” of the solar system, which in general means asteroids and comets, although this also includes the small moons of the various planets as well as meteors, meteorites, and interplanetary dust.

Jan 27, 2020

Read issue #210 of Lifeboat News!

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Upcoming Events

Cities in Space 2020 will be held February 28, 2020 in Austin, Texas.
Our Janet Ivey and Rick Tumlinson will be speaking. Our Holly Melear is organizing this conference. Learn more!

The 2020 International Conference on Future Africa will be held April 21–23 at the University of Rwanda.
The theme of the conference is “Compliance to Global Sustainability” and will be offering sessions regarding Climate Change, Renewable Energies, Internet of Things, Futurism, Transhumanism, Neuroscience, Biotech, International Politics, Digital Leadership/Business, and much more.
Our William Coburn, Didier Coeurnelle, Aubrey de Grey, Alejandro De la Parra Solomon, Zoltan Istvan, Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù, Anthony Kimery, Doris Ngozi Morah, Ira Pastor, and Ilia Stambler will be participating/speaking. The Lifeboat Foundation is one of the hosts of this event.

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